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Mountain Legal’s approach to Traffic Cases

At Mountain Legal, we only take traffic cases when the case will have a serious and lasting effect on you. We typically limit our practice in this area to cases where there is:

  • Loss of a Commercial License
  • Suspension or Revocation of a License
  • Property Damage or injury that have Civil Ramifications

For example, Mountain Legal will not take a case involving careless driving UNLESS the driving resulted in a car accident where you may be sued. In those cases, we want to help you achieve the best outcome in your criminal case so that it cannot be used against you in a lawsuit.

Additionally, we do not want you to spend a lot of money on a lawyer when there is not a lot at stake. It is unfair for you to have to pay for a lawyer when you are looking at a $45 fine. But on the other hand, if you were involved in an accident, you may be looking at losing your house in a lawsuit or if you are a truck driver you may be looking at losing your livelihood. As a result, Mountain legal allocates its time to the cases where we feel representation is appropriate.

In order to determine whether we will take your case, feel free to contact Mountain Legal for a free consultation.

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