Investigating Your Criminal Case in Colorado

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Finding all of the Facts

Mountain Legal understands that there are multiple sides to every story. Our greatest asset is our clients because we can learn, from our clients, what each side was to their story.

Going to the Scene

One of the most important parts of a criminal investigation is going to the scene. If possible, at Mountain Legal, we like to go to the scene with our client so that he or she can show us exactly what happened. This knowledge gives us a better feel of the case and how it should be defended. Often, defenses that did not occur when talking to the client will become obvious after viewing the scene.

Talking to All of the Witnesses

At Mountain Legal, we like to identify defense witnesses early in the case. Then we like to get them to the office so we can get to know them. Witness statements help us shape your defense and help us identify the issues that will become important at trial.

Getting Expert Opinions

Quite often, in criminal cases, expert witnesses become important to testify about what happened. For example, in a murder case, the blood splatter may be consistent with a defendant’s statement that it was done in self-defense. With experts, Mountain Legal can get to the bottom of what actually happened and present compelling evidence to the jury about how everything happened.

Analyzing all of the Evidence

It is important for an attorney to physically view all of the evidence, especially the evidence that the police have seized. The police often jump to conclusions about what a particular item was used for or what it is. Upon further analysis, it may become apparent that the evidence is not what the police are saying it is. Additionally, viewing the evidence allows Mountain Legal to determine how to use the evidence in the criminal trial in the best possible light for the client.