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The Fellow Officer Rule in Colorado Criminal Cases

In criminal cases in Colorado, typically, more than one officer responds to the scene of a crime.  This is particularly true in felonies and more serious cases.  When multiple officers respond to the scene, different officers take on different roles to conduct their investigation. According to the Colorado Supreme Court,...
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When the Facts don’t fit the Criminal Charges in Colorado

Earlier this year, the Colorado Court of Appeals dealt with the issue of the definition of trafficking in children. The case is important not only because it helps clarify child trafficking statutes but because it shows the kind of analysis that the court of appeals wants trial courts to do...
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Colorado Crime Rates for 2013

Though Colorado is enjoying substantially lower crime rates than the majority of the country, it saw a bump of 41% in sexual assaults from 2012 to 2013. This may come as a bit of surprise to some, but as noted by many experts, prosecutors, and criminal defense attorneys, the change...
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