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Nathaniel has worked in criminal law on both sides of the aisle spending time working for the prosecution as well as the defense. Most recently Nathaniel has represented individuals in violent felonies and drug cases. Prior to this work, Nathaniel handled DWIs, Domestic Violence Cases, Property Crimes, and White Collar Crimes. On the prosecutorial side, Nathaniel has most notably worked in Bosnia helping to prosecute individuals who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Bosnian War from 1993-1995. In particular, Nathaniel helped in the prosecution of military leaders who arranged for the organized murders and rapes of innocent civilians in various towns in Bosnia. Nathaniel is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, Northwestern University, and Phillips Exeter Academy. Google Profile: Nathaniel Baca

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Reducing Denver DUIs through drink delivery services

As a Denver DUI Attorney, I have been a fan of drink delivery services for a number of years, because of their ability to reduce DUIs, and am excited to see the industry finally catching on.  Through services like drizly.com (available in Denver) and drinkos.com, featured here, that delivery alcohol...
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How to Find Your Court Date in Denver Colorado

Have you forgotten when you are scheduled for court?  If you have, there is a free service that will send you reminders before every one of your court dates.  This service is courtreminder.com and it will send you automatic reminders before each of your court dates.  The service works throughout Colorado....
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