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What is Assault?

Assault in Colorado refers to either the intentional application of force to another person against the person’s will or to the appearance that a touching is about to occur.
Assault cases are deceptive and should not be taken lightly. Even at the misdemeanor level, a guilty plea to assault can result in your loss of Constitutional rights such as the right to bear arms and can result in your deportation if you are not a U.S. citizen.

Defending Assault Cases

Assault cases are some of the most likely cases to go to trial and therefore you need an attorney who has numerous assault trials under his belt. Typically these cases are filled with details that the police missed and that give the defendant great defenses to the crime. Other times, these cases are a matter of “he said” and “she said” making it necessary to have an attorney who can present the true facts favorably and convincingly.
There are numerous defenses to assault such as self-defense and the defense of another. These defenses only become apparent after thoroughly researching the facts of the case. That means it is essential for your lawyer to sit down with you and thoroughly analyze the facts of your case. As a result, you will need a lawyer who is interested in your case and who makes the time to sit down with you and go through every detail, no matter how small. Sometimes even the smallest detail can become the biggest issue in winning your case.
Additionally, experience is crucial in Assault cases because your case will most likely go to trial. You want to make sure that your attorney know how to present defenses to a jury and knows how the prosecutor will attempt to present the other side so that your side can effectively counter their story to bring out the truth and the facts that are most favorable to you.
Last you want a lawyer who understands the emotions involved in assault cases. Oftentimes, these cases are between people who love or have loved each other. These emotions are sometimes more important than the facts themselves. There is a personal element to most assault cases. If your lawyer overlooks the personal aspects, then your case may lack the most important and understandable details that can help a jury of human beings decide in your favor.

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