Previous Results of Attorneys in Denver and Boulder Criminal Courts

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Mountain Legal now offers detailed case analysis for individuals accused of crimes in Denver and Boulder.

  • The Case Analysis includes an in-depth analysis of previous cases as well as previous outcomes of every attorney who has handled a criminal case in the county where you are facing your charges.
  • The Case analysis includes a list of attorneys who have had the most success, statistically speaking, on the charges that you are facing so that, after the case analysis, you will have a better understanding of what has happened in the past and who is getting the results that you are interested in.
  • We do not rank attorneys because the results people want vary by the person.  Instead, we sit down with you to identify the results that you are looking for and then put together a list of attorneys who are getting the results that you want.  In other words, it is a list of attorneys who are best for your situation.  This type of analysis was impossible in the past because no one had enough data to accurately view the results of every attorney in a county.
  • The Case Analysis is only available for individuals facing charges in Denver or Boulder

For the last few years, Mountain Legal has collected data on every case in Boulder County and Denver County.  We are offering analysis of this data to provide information about virtually every type of charge that appears in Boulder or Denver, including information about the attorneys who have gotten the best results.  We also discuss the typical scenarios that appear from the data as well as the typical results that are coming out of the courts.  The information can be further broken down by courtroom and by prosecutor.

Please keep in mind that prior results, by any attorney, vary considerably and that statistical results for a particular courtroom or attorney do not necessarily hold true for the individual case.  The facts and circumstances for each defendant are unique, and, as such, you should be aware that, regardless of the charge, you face the full range of penalties for your offense.  Because of this, it is essential that you discuss the full sentencing range with your attorney and that you understand the full set of risks associated with your case.

This service is offered at $500 and will help give you the peace of mind that you are with the right attorney for your particular set of circumstances.

The information in this post is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or as the creation of an attorney-client relationship. For legal advice, please contact an Attorney.

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Nathaniel has worked in criminal law on both sides of the aisle spending time working for the prosecution as well as the defense. Most recently Nathaniel has represented individuals in violent felonies and drug cases. Prior to this work, Nathaniel handled DWIs, Domestic Violence Cases, Property Crimes, and White Collar Crimes. On the prosecutorial side, Nathaniel has most notably worked in Bosnia helping to prosecute individuals who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Bosnian War from 1993-1995. In particular, Nathaniel helped in the prosecution of military leaders who arranged for the organized murders and rapes of innocent civilians in various towns in Bosnia. Nathaniel is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, Northwestern University, and Phillips Exeter Academy. Google Profile: Nathaniel Baca