The Dangers of Missing Court in Colorado and What you Can Do to Prevent It

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 In Colorado, defendants commonly miss their court dates. These missed court dates often result in bench warrants that can ruin people’s lives. Thankfully, a website has just been launched that helps people remember their court dates in Colorado. The website is aptly named,

At, you can enter your person information and then receive emails or text messages whenever you have an upcoming court date. These reminders help you stay on top of your court dates so that you can avoid warrants.

The most common situation where a person forgets about a court date is the traffic ticket. These things are very quickly shoved in the glovebox or thrown on the floor in frustration. Then, months later, a court date rolls around and a warrant is issued when the person misses court.

Why do people miss these court dates? Well, after the ticket is written, life happens. Things come up, papers get lost, and court dates get missed. But what are the consequences if a person misses a single court date? The answer is…a lot.

If you miss your court date, you should expect some of the following things to happen to you:

  • A warrant will be issued for your arrest. Once the warrant issues, you will have to post a large sum of money to remain out of jail. If you do not want to post the bond, then you will sit in court until your court date.
  • You may lose your license. Often, in traffic cases, the DMV will be notified that you missed your court date and your license will be revoked. Then, when you are found to be driving on your revoked license, it will be revoked again for another year. Then you will be taken to jail on the warrant.
  • You could lose your job. Imagine the horror of a police officer walking into your workplace and walking you out in handcuffs.
  • You could lose your children. If you are the sole caretaker for your children and cannot post the bond, you will be stuck in jail with no one to take care of your children. The end result could be the State taking your children.
  • You could lose your social security or retirement benefits. Often, the government will not make these payments for a person with a warrant.

The bottom line is that you need to get to your court date.

I highly recommend trying I have used it for numerous clients of mine and it is fantastic. My clients have thanked me for signing them up and I have received nothing but positive reviews. If you pickup a traffic ticket, or any other type of violation where a court appearance will be required, I suggest that you go to right now and get your free reminders.

The information in this post is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or as the creation of an attorney-client relationship. For legal advice, please contact an Attorney.

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