Protests in Albuquerque over Police use of Excessive and Deadly Force

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Following a series of brutal incidents by the Police in Albuquerque, the citizens are finally standing up.  The problem is, when you stand up against the police, you tend to get tear gassed or worse.  The Albuquerque Police Department is an incredibly brutal group of thugs who regularly use excessive force against regular people.  With 23 people fatally shot since 2010, and 14 wounded, the police seem too quick to turn to deadly force.  In particular, it appears that the police have been using deadly force against individuals with known mental illness.  This is terribly unfortunate.  Having a mental illness should not be used by the police as a reason to justify excessive force.  Our society should be helping people with mental illnesses, not using their illnesses as a reason to kill them unjustifiably.

Keep in mind that this is a police force that regularly trains with mixed martial artists and instills a tough guy policy throughout its organization.

It is unfortunate that the citizens of this city have felt the need to protest against the people who are supposed to keep them safe but the police department has left them with no choice.

So far, the protests have been non-violent, but it is only a matter of time before the APD turn to more violent means than tear gas.  As the police chief said, the police officers showed remarkable restraint in not taking more severe actions after allegedly having rocks thrown at them.  Keep in mind that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cameras monitoring these protests.  Yet there has not been a single video of a rock being thrown.  So where is the evidence, Chief?  Please, stop lying to the people of Albuquerque to justify the unjustifiable.  Start creating positive change in your organization.  Get rid of your thugs and henchmen.  Put your own head on the chopping block because it looks like, from your statements, that you are a part of the deceptive, abusive culture that is plaguing the city.

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