Police Officer Records Himself Planting Drugs on an Innocent Man

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I came across this video on apublicdefender.com and it is startling footage (though not unexpected).  In the video a police officer is seen dropping a bag of drugs next to the car of the accused then claiming that the bag belonged to the accused.  After planting the drugs, the officer arrested the individual and charged him with felony drug possession.

When the officer was planting the drugs, he apparently forgot that his own police camera was running, recording his blatantly criminal activity for all to see.  It is common to come across videos with large segments cut out and then the defendant claiming that the drugs were not his.  It is curious why the officer did not cover his tracks in this instance.

Thankfully, justice was done by the prosecutor who decided to nolle the case rather than let the tape embarrass the State at trial.  At some point police officers need to start following the law.  Not just when they get caught on camera or when someone ends up dead with bullets in his or her back.  This type of behavior is simply unacceptable but time after time, police officers get away with it.

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