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Asserting Defenses and Making Statements without an Attorney in Denver Colorado

An interesting case is developing out of Grand County near Kremmling, as reported by Kevin Torres, where a couple is accused of abusing a corpse, tampering with evidence, and criminal trespass. Essentially, the story revolves around a couple who were in the forest when they came across an abandoned vehicle....
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Fighting Drug Charges – Illegal Trunk Searches and Dog Sniffs in Colorado

Imagine that you are pulled over by the police.  You see flashing lights behind you.  You hear the siren.  Then you pull over.  The officer tells you that you were speeding and asks for your license, registration, and insurance.  You hand them over.  Then the officer tells you that you...
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Facing Assault Charges in Denver Colorado and Two Sides of a Story

Sometimes, when you are facing assault charges, the story will come down to your story versus her story.  In these situations, you want to protect yourself as much as possible from false allegations, lying, and deceit. In assault and domestic violence situations, there are always emotions underlying the case.  These...
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