At Mountain Legal, Knowledge + Details = Results

  • Experience combined with Detailed Legal Research puts you in the best position

    Criminal Defense requires mastery of the law.
    A Mountain Legal Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney believes that the best foundation for your criminal case rests in thoroughly researched legal arguments combined with courtroom experience.

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  • The smallest detail can be the difference between winning or losing a criminal case

    The details surrounding your case may be the difference between winning and losing.
    The Mountain Legal Colorado Criminal Lawyer provides the personalized attention necessary to effectively represent you and present the facts in the light most favorable to you.

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  • Favorable Results in Criminal Cases come from dedication to you

    The Mountain Legal Denver Criminal Defense Attorney's core strength rests in providing personal attention with experience and a mastery of the law.
    Our professional approach to representing you puts you in the best position to get the results that you need.

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  • Free

    The most important issue when selecting a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney is whether this is the right attorney for you.
    A Mountain legal Denver Criminal Defense Attorney offers an initial free consultation so that you can see whether you want to establish an attorney-client relationship without worrying about what it will cost.

  • Complete

    A Mountain Legal Denver Criminal Defense Attorney provides the amount of representation that you need for your criminal case.
    Whether you want representation from a Denver DUI Attorney or a Colorado Felony Lawyer, Mountain Legal can offer you the representation and experience that you need in your Colorado criminal case.

  • Solution

    A Mountain Legal Colorado Criminal defense Attorney seeks to identify your needs, create a strategy around them, and then executes the strategy to meet your needs.
    By working closely with you, Mountain Legal helps you navigate through the difficult issues in the Colorado criminal defense process.


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